Custom Medicine Cabinets


Need a cabinet or a mirror of non-standard dimensions?

We strive to satisfy all possible variations of clients’ needs and bathroom renovation vision. All the custom units can include the below-mentioned options:

For cabinets:

  • 8 mm glass shelves
  • Recessed or wall-mounted options (cabinets)
  • Soft-closing mechanism (cabinets)

For mirrors:

  • Aluminum frame or matt finish
  • 5 mm silver mirrored glass
  • Choose any size according to your needs

How to place an order?

To place an order with Aquadom, you can choose from the following options:

We will calculate the cost of your custom order and provide a prompt response. At Aquadom, we are always delighted to assist you in making the right choice!

Select design and provide your ZIP code for an accurate quote

To customize your Aquadom medicine cabinet or mirror, fill out the form with details like unit specifications, name,
desired sizes, dimensions, preferences for LED, USB, color, and other specifications for a precise quote.

    How To Choose Custom Medicine Cabinet?

    Choosing a personalized medicine cabinet involves considering various factors. When opting for ready-made bathroom furniture, finding a perfect match in terms of size and style can be challenging. This becomes even more intricate when choosing a customized medicine cabinet with specific requirements such as design, dimensions, door opening mechanism, shelf count, mirror coating quality, and the inclusion of lighting. Aquadom's custom-made medicine cabinets are designed to address all these nuances and cater to individual preferences.

    Reasonable Price

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    All Modern Features

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    What are the advantages of custom-made cabinets?

    We are paying primary attention to the quality of products, which belong to the “Premium” class. The advantages of this option for purchasing the medicine cabinet are apparent: an initial sketch of the cabinet is carried out, taking into account all the wishes of the customer custom recessed medicine cabinets; the possibility of adjusting the overall dimensions depending on the size of the bathroom, the internal arrangement of shelves or drawers, the method of opening doors

    Before starting the manufacturing process

    • selection of the color of the entire product. Light tones of the mirror cabinet give it an oversized effect, while dark tones make furniture seem smaller and more compact. By changing the color spectrum of the custom size medicine cabinets, you can achieve individual originality and the necessary showiness in the design of the bathroom;
    • the equipment of the product with high-quality opening mechanisms, door closers, and handles allows us to manufacture furniture in full accordance with the wishes of the customer;
    • the cabinet’s mirror is a crucial element of the product. The period of active and efficient operation of the cabinet with the mirror depends on the correct selection of the reflective layer.

    How are custom-made medicine cabinets manufactured by Aquadom?

    In the production of bathroom furniture, Aquadom utilizes cutting-edge methods and technologies, selecting only the highest quality materials to enhance cabinet protection against steam and moisture. Order a high-quality custom bathroom medicine cabinet on the Aquadom website for a stunning addition to your bathroom! Aquadom provides clients with top-quality medicine cabinets, including top-rated models in standard sizes like 24 x 30 Inch, 30 x 30 Inch, 36 x 30 Inch, 48 x 30 Inch, and more. Aquadom offers an incredible selection of custom-built medicine cabinets, available in almost any size and shape you can imagine.

    How to place an order for a custom-made medicine cabinet on Aquadom’s website?

    To order a custom-made medicine cabinet on Aquadom’s website, complete the provided form, specifying project dimensions and preferences. An Aquadom specialist will then send a quote for your approval. Once approved, choose the preferred payment method and delivery dates to finalize your order.

    Custom OrdersCustom Orders