Signature Royale Collection: LED Cabinets With Digital Clock, Dimmer And Defogger

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Signature Royale is the most technologically advanced design featuring Aquadom’s cutting-edge 3D lighting with three adjustable temperatures: Warm, Cool, and Neutral. Twenty-one models are available in multiple sizes from 24 to 72 inches wide to accommodate a range of spatial requirements.

Signature Royale

With its Signature Royale collection, Aquadom introduces elegance and beauty into the home.


The Signature Royale line incorporates a host of features that distinguish them from all other medicine cabinets. Soft-close hinges that enable gentle and secure opening and closing at a wide angle of 155 degrees, Starphire Ultra-Clear adjustable glass shelves, 3X magnifying mirror, light-sensor activated interior lighting, and modern features including a digital clock are the epitome of Aquadom’s superior quality and craftsmanship. Moreover, Signature Royale includes enhancements such as electrical outlets, USB ports, a dimmer for adjustable lighting, and a defogger to ensure your mirror is always clear and fog-free.

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Durability And Flexible Installation

Aquadom’s Signature Royale medicine cabinets are a sparkling reflection of the high-caliber craftsmanship and quality that the brand is renowned for. Each medicine cabinet is expertly crafted of the finest advanced materials and comes with stunning, silver mirrored glass and an anodic oxide finish which impedes corrosion and increases durability.

A Signature Royale medicine cabinet provides a harmonious blend of functionality and sophisticated style that will bring luxury and convenience to any space for an effortless beauty routine that will Shine in Style.

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