Edge Royale 30×32 LED Medicine Cabinet

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  • Size: 30W x 32H x 5D
  • Glass Shelves: 3 pcs Starphire Ultra-Clear adjustable shelves.
  • Side mirrored panels: included for surface mount.
  • Interior lighting: The interior light is automatically activated by the light sensor.
  • Magnifying Mirror: Adjustable LED lighting and flip-out design, offering 3X magnification.
  • Touch Screen Button: One-touch On/Off switch for simplified control.
  • Dimmer: Adjust the lighting to your preference by holding down the light button.
  • Defogger: Ensures the mirror remains fog-free.
  • Soft Close Hinges: These hinges enable gentle and secure opening and closing at a wide angle of 155 degrees.
  • Electrical Outlets: Two electrical outlets are conveniently located inside the cabinet.


Edge Royale 30×32 LED Medicine Cabinet

The Edge Royale line of medicine cabinets quite literally, pushes the LED design boundaries by placing the technologically advanced LED light strip at the edge of the cabinet mirror. Imbued with breakthrough design elements that set Aquadom apart from other brands, this contemporary fixture is made of superior materials that are not only durable, but they are beautiful too.
Edge Royale Banner 2Edge Royale is designed for both surface mounting and recessed installation. It is available in 14 variations with sizes ranging from 15×70 inches to 72×32 inches wide. Edge Royale s design features are a brilliant reflection of the substantial modern elements that set Aquadom medicine cabinets apart from the ordinary. Key features combine Starphire Ultra-Clear adjustable shelves, interior lighting that is automatically activated by the light sensor, a magnifying mirror with adjustable LED lighting, and a flip-out design, offering 3X magnification, a one-touch on/off switch for simplified control, and a dimmer so that you can adjust the lighting to your preference by holding down the light button.
In addition to these spectacular features, Edge Royale also has a defogger to ensure the mirror is always fog-free, and Aquadoms acclaimed soft close hinges enable gentle and secure opening and closing at a wide angle of 155 degrees.
Edge Royale doesn t simply push the LED boundaries, it sets the standard for advanced technology paired with masterful craftsmanship, professional quality, and contemporary design.

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Cool Lighting 6500K

Touch Screen Button

On/Off switch allows for one-touch control


Dim the light of your choosing by holding down the on button


An defogger keep the mirror fog free.

Soft Close Hinges

Soft Close hinges allow for a smooth and secure 155 degree opening.

Electrical Outlets

Two electrical outlets are located on the inside of the cabinet





Door Sizes


Download specifications HERE

Download Installation Guide HERE

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